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February 2023

Store concepts for all senses

In competition with online shopping, it is essential to offer attractive experiences in the physical store if customers are to find them interesting in the future.

It is not only about designing an optimal customer flow with functional inventory that presents the products in the best way, but it is equally important to think customer experiences and journey, and how to address all senses in the store design. Traditionally, the visual expression of the store is most important, but there is a need to also take into account the other human senses when creating strong experiences that go straight to the heart of the customers.

In a successful store concept, thought has been given to which music or sound and which scent can support the overall experience. Likewise, there should be a variety of materials present, so that customers become curious and want to touch and interact with the store space.

Plants and other natural elements also contribute to creating a pleasant atmosphere where customers want to stay.

In collaboration with specialists in all areas, we offer coherent store experiences that address all the senses.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more info about your options!

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