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28. May 2021

Pop-up store – what is it?

The Pop-up shop is a well-known shop format, but what characterizes the pop-up shop? Pop-up shops are retail spaces that are open for a short period of time. It’s a great platform to get visibility, to impress and to test new products and concepts. Let's have a closer look at the benefits of pop-up shops!

Is pop-up store profitable and what benefits are there? 

Customization. Pop-up store is easily adaptable - the store can be customized for a great customer experience and can be changed according to the season.

Location. The pop-up retail is easily moved and is usually set up in smaller spaces and areas like the mall corridors or empty retail spaces. It is allowed to use creativity when designing new temporary shop solutions: it can be a moving truck or it can be implemented in venues: concerts, events and markets.

Testing new products or concepts. Temporary shops serve a great opportunity to test new products or concepts and do a marketing research. New ideas can be easily tested - just like in a lab.

Increase sales and catch new customers. Pop-ups are an effective way to boost visibility, sales or social media engagement. The shops are also easily approachable so it’s a great way to catch new customer or target groups.

Hype. New pop-up retail shop can generate hype. Usually people love special and interesting new concepts and products - especially if it creates the FOMO (fear of missing out). Pop-ups are open only a specific period of time so there is no time for slowing down - temporary shops will move people.

There are plenty of good reasons to setup your own pop-up retail. But how can we help you with creating your own?


Case Subaru

Read our case – the pop-up solution for Subaru – Here.

We have specialized in conceptualizing, designing, producing, supplying and installing store concepts and stores. We have also experience with pop-up shops. We lift your shop to the next level.

Interested? Contact us so that we can discuss more about creating a temporary store for your business!